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11 July 2013 @ 02:39 am
ETA: Just to clarify, what I meant by hoping you answer these polls is that I would like them answered by the 25th so I know how things stand. You don't have to answer them today and I have made this post a sticky so it's right there on the top at feedbackathon. Thanks!

Poll #1923584 Check in Poll - Leaving Reviews

Have you left reviews for all 3 of your authors?

Yes, I have
I intend to, but I need an extension
No, I can't and I need you to find a sub for me

Poll #1923585 Check in Poll - Receiving Reviews

Have you received at least 1 review from 3 different reviewers?


I would appreciate it if all of you answer these polls. One caution though: Please don't answer "No" in the second poll until we are rather closer to our ending date of July 25th.

Thank you, everyone! I am enjoying this round immensely and it's all because of YOU!

I know that some of you did not receive all the reviews to which you are entitled and let me assure you that will be remedied since a back-up reviewer is currently reading your work and you will each be getting at least one more review within the next couple of days. I am very sorry for the delay, but please know you have not been forgotten and I appreciate both your contributions and your understanding.

25 July 2013 @ 11:38 pm
Well, my dears, the feedbackathon has drawn to its official close. I truly hope that all of you enjoyed the chance to be exposed to fic outside your normal range of reading and that you received insightful, encouraging feedback. I need each and every one of you to reply to this post and let me know if you have left and received all the reviews you are supposed to give and get.

Thank you, each and every one of you. I truly enjoyed running this round and participating as well. You're stars!

24 July 2013 @ 04:05 pm
Tomorrow everyone needs to have reviewed at least one fic by each of their three assigned authors. Also, each of you should have received at least the corresponding minimum of three reviews by three different participants here. Please let me know if there are any problems with either aspect, okay? I want to make sure everyone gets what they are supposed to get.

Thank you very, very much! I hope you've all enjoyed participating in the feedbackathon!

18 July 2013 @ 09:47 am
Hello Feedbackers and Feedbackees! I just want to make sure everyone knows that there is ONE WEEK left to get those lovely, meaty, detailed reviews posted (and received). If anyone has not received any reviews yet, I would really like to hear from you. Also, if you have received reviews by email, please let the reviewer know. I know that in my case, I've sent reviews and am not sure the recipients got them because I have not heard back.

Please reply to this post and let me know what progress you've made on your reviews, how many reviews you are still due to receive, and if you are having any problems. Replies will be screened.

Thanks so much, all of you! This has been a terrific round!

11 July 2013 @ 02:14 am
Just wanted to remind everyone that you have two weeks to get those reviews in to your authors. If you've run into any problems, please let me know ASAP, okay? Thanks! I've been having a super time of it reading all this awesome fic and I hope you have too!

Here is a list of all the stories submitted for reviews. If you're done with your assigned authors and want to read some of the other stories or you didn't sign up for the exchange but are looking for some great reading, here's a fine place to start!

Verse and Worse (Spike/Buffy) by gillo

We'll Go No More A-Roving (Spike) by gillo

Shades of Swinburne (Spike, ensemble) by gillo

All the Difference (Spike, Buffy, Angel) by ruuger

Brother's Keeper (Spike/Connor) by ruuger

Undone (Spike/Buffy; implied Buffy/Angel) by ruuger

Enchantment Passing Through (Prologue) (Willow, Willow/Tara) by ladycallie

(You're) My Favorite Book - Cupid and Psyche Revisited (Willow, Giles, Willow/Tara) by ladycallie

Locomotion (Buffy/Faith) by ladycallie

Tools of the Trade (Xander/Oz) by sparrow2000

Papercut (Giles) by sparrow2000

Tales of Christina (Xander/OC) by sparrow2000

Keys to Heaven (Willow/Giles) by scratchingpost1

Reflections (Willow) by scratchingpost1

The Rules Have Changed (Buffy/Giles) by scratchingpost1

Le Petit Mort (First Slayer/OFC) by snogged

In the Absence of Mistletoe (Dawn/Cordelia) by snogged

More Than a Mission (Willow/Riley) by snogged

Walk About (Faith) by valyssia

Crossed Wires (Buffy/Willow) by valyssia

Vanishing (Buffy/Willow) by valyssia

Prelude to a Wish (Buffy/Faith) by spiletta42

Blindsided (Faith/Wood) by spiletta42

In From the Cold (Buffy/Xander) by spiletta42

Choose (Spike/Angel/Illyria) by mendenbar01

Did You Love Him? (Buffy, Dawn) by comlodge

Dru Goes to Church (Dru/Spike) by comlodge

Willow's Journey *ART* by comlodge

Where the Wind Never Goes (Angel, Willow) by velvetwhip

Thinky Gay Thoughts (Buffy/Willow) by velvetwhip

In Days of Auld Lang Syne (Willow/Angel) by velvetwhip

Frankenstein (the without pity remix) (Adam/Oz) by snowpuppies

Beer Bad (Very Bad) (Fred/Anyanka) by snowpuppies

Notting Hellmouth (Dawn/Cordelia) by snowpuppies
19 June 2013 @ 01:26 pm
I failed to let you know what the due date was for your reviews and for that I apologize profusely. Reviews need to be sent/posted to your assignees by July 25th. Let me know if there are any problems and if you need an extension. Thank you very much!

19 June 2013 @ 02:05 am
Make sure and check your email, because all of the assignments have now been sent to you. Let me know as soon as possible if there any problems.

Thanks...and happy reading and reviewing!

I would like to thank everyone who signed up to participate in this second round of feedbackathon. I am very excited and I hope you all are too. Assignments will be sent out on June 19th, so watch your email. Also, make sure and check your assignments right away to verify that you can review at least one story by each of your three assigned authors. Let me know ASAP if there are any problems.

Oh, and please remember that this is about leaving detailed feedback - make sure and point out the elements that resonated most with you, discuss parts of the story that moved you or made you smile, etc. Leave concrit if you are so inclined, but do make sure to do so in the way requested by your assigned authors. If you have any questions about what is expected, comment here or PM me. I will happily answer any and all queries.

Thank you again. This is going to be a terrific round!